Safari Quad Bike Trails

Renowned quad-bike trails for groups and individuals – more


Hiking/Birding/Mountain Biking

We offer self-guided hikes and are a popular destination for hiking and birding clubs. Although we do offer MTB trails we prefer to limit the number of riders as the wildlife tends to get a bit nervous if there are too many riders on the farm.


Bush Paintball Warfare or Target shooting competition

Our Bush paintball has become very popular, especially with the corporate fun days as an extra activity after the Safari Quad trails. Our Bush paintball is very different to the paintball normally played in the cities, it involves a much more tactical approach, where things like camouflage and strategy plays a much bigger roll. We are in the process of offering “War Games” as another more realistic activity, an activity that involves a lot more thought, strategic planning, map reading and tactical manoeuvering.


Outdoor Events

We offer a number of outdoor events throughout the year, our most popular being our Moonlight walks which is combined with a picnic and live acoustic music. Other events like trail runs, adventure challenges and so on are growing on a yearly basis.


Eco 4×4 Driver Training

When we offered 4×4 trails on the farm in the past we noticed that there are a large number of 4×4 owners that have had no basic training on using their vehicles and ended up destroying the environment or their vehicles. We have since decided to offer a short but comprehensive 4×4 driver training course covering all the basic principles of driving a 4×4.